About NELC


NELC has already celebrated the milestone of the school’s over 10 years of academic excellence and outstanding achievements of our students. Founded in 2005 by the owner, Nelson Rweel, to promote English language courses in an academic context, NELC has built an excellent reputation for the quality of its courses, the success of its students and the friendly and supportive atmosphere at all branches of NELC.


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Nelson Rweel @ Tun Myaing
Managing Director

English opens doors in your life and shows the direction to you for a successful future. Whether you are learning for your education, your career, or simply for your incredible life experience, we will help you to achieve your goal. But you must remember that ‘we need both hands to clap’. For the parents, you are warmly welcome to ask any questions as regards your son’s and daughter’s education. 

Htay Thidar Oo
Young Learners Teaching Supervisor

Choose from our wide range of English language courses which will suit your needs and let our dedicated and professional teachers to guide you to be an accurate and fluent user of English language. I can guarantee your English language success and unforgettable experience with your friends.  


The school offers excellent educational facilities which are continually being serviced, extended and developed. 



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Courses in NELC


Age 3 to 5 yrs old

Young learners

Age 6 to 15 yrs old


Age over 16



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